Marbling fabrics: phase 5 results

23. May 2010 17:49 by orkaloca | Tags:

I've done some photos at marbled paper and fabrics I've done friday. I'm satisfied. Acrilycs I?ve bought gave to me good results, quite bright colours and nice floatability.
Next time I'd like to try starting from pigments and I'm going to marble only white fabric, not ecru. This time I had only ecru fabrics, that isn't ideal foro colours but for browns, that turned out very nice.
I've learned that thin colour layer on the methylcellulose size give pale colours on paper or fabrics.
I've learned that to have bright colours I've to have paints with high pigments concentration.
I've also tried some patterned marbling, using combs, or trying to do feathers.


These are white fabric pieces marbled:

Marbling on common copy paper:

Marbled ecru fabric, colours serie:

Marbled ecru fabric, brown serie... really nice in my opinion:

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5/23/2010 7:53:13 PM #

Judi (Approachable Art)

I took a class in this a couple of years ago, came home with reams of beautiful paper and fabric. It's a LOT of fun, isn't it?? Nice results you achieved, too!

Judi (Approachable Art) United States

5/23/2010 10:57:51 PM #

Glenda Kirkiridis

We marble fabrics from time to time but its time consuming and we can only really do 1 or 1.5 meter pieces given space constraints. I love marbleing onto silk as the silk will retain its rather lucious sheen.

Its very much a trial and error thing so if you can find the right pigments, stick wtih them.

Glenda Kirkiridis South Africa

5/24/2010 3:13:30 AM #


The last group is my favorite -- reminds me of espresso and cream!

Gisela United States

5/28/2010 7:59:54 AM #

Cynthia Wenslow

Really beautiful, Silvia!

Cynthia Wenslow United States

8/29/2011 12:43:49 AM #


Those marble fabrics are plain marBvelous, Sylvia!

naomi United Kingdom

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