Birmingham 2013... double prize

by Orkaloca agosto 11 art * Art Quilt * show

The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham is the biggest show of Europe in the field. Surely one of those that has the largest number of quilts in exhibition and competition.
This year we had 700 quilts, in various categories, from all over the world.

After having heard so much about this show, I went there for my first time, also because there was my final practice session of the Quilt Judge Course.

Besides visit the show, I had also sent two quilts for the contest. One, "the great judge" for the "pictorial" section, the other "hunting song" for the "miniature" section.

And oh my, still I don't believe it, they both have had a prize!

"Hunting Song" has had 3rd prize and the "great judge" has been Highly Commended

The highly commended is a qualification that is given to those quilts who have not entered in the top 3 for a whiff, like 4th, 5th and 6th in practice. Can be assigned to a maximum of 3 quilt but is not required to be give. Son I'm very happy because it means that it is well deserved :)

So here there are a couple of pictures (click to enlarge) ... the Great Judge with his plate:


And a really happy me with the small, great, "hunting song"

And if you don't recognise the small quilt with orcas, don0t worry, there will be a backstage post for you ^_*


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Katherine McNeese
11/08/2013 19:56:53 #

this turned out LOVELY!

11/08/2013 20:07:12 #

Sono molto orgogliosa che hai fatto furore anche là,bravissima!!!!!!!  E sei anche giudice ora? Ciao

11/08/2013 21:00:30 #

that's really lovely - thanks for sending the picture.

11/08/2013 21:45:33 #

Evvaiii grande Silvia Smile

Suzanne Thompson
12/08/2013 03:23:45 #

Congratulations! I feel as if I have won, too.

12/08/2013 15:59:27 #

ciao!! complimenti sinceri per i tuoi successi. ti seguo da poco su fb  sono iscrita nel tuo canale youtube. mi piacciono molto i tuoi tutorial.

13/08/2013 13:40:15 #

Grazie di cuore a tutte ^_^
Thanks to you all!

Luisa: ho fatto l'esame pratico, ora devo scrivere l'ultimo saggio su questa esperienza e poi se tutto va bene sarò a tutti gli effetti giudice.

Pat Train
13/08/2013 17:15:41 #

Congratulations Silvia! I was so pleased to see both your quilts last Thursday! Good luck with the Module.

16/08/2013 17:20:22 #

Hi Pat, thank you! I love that you noticed my quilts! ^_^ thanks

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