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by Orkaloca maggio 22 creazioni * WIP

Today I'm playing on the edge between quilting and thread painting

I'm working on two mini quilts that are giving me some interesting problems to solve, that I've never had with bigger works.
Minimal dimension made me compress all the design so every piece is very small and difficult to cut and work with. And also the quilting is giving some problems.

This quilt is almost monochromatic in blue so to give some light spots I'm making a dense threadwork in pink. It's more than quilting buy not thread-painting yet. Half way.

Today I have to go on, after having spent 2 days to rip the quilting in two small areas that took 5 minutes to be sewn and 2 days to get rid of the thread. -_-

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Linda Kittmer
25/05/2013 16:50:30 #

Beautiful.  Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

Linda's Landscapes
25/05/2013 17:44:39 #

Oh my, I can tell this is going to be gorgeous!

26/05/2013 00:12:13 #

Very interesting piece.

Stella Nemeth
26/05/2013 17:30:30 #

That is going to be a beautiful project. Are you having fun with it?

Sharon Rotz
28/05/2013 18:01:17 #

I can see this is going to be beautiful. I had to laugh at your comment about ripping out thread for two days. I've also done this.

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