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Beside sketchbook the Quilt Judging Course requires me to keep also a journal about my everyday inspirations, reflections, thoughts and so on.
I'm not used to keep a journal, I've made my last one when I was 20, now I've to go back in the mood for journaling. As I did with the sketchbook I've tought that first of all the journal must be nice so I'll be happy to write in it. So I've made it :)

I had this white book, intended for decoupage, and I've decided to cover it with fabric.
Here you can see the white book with a strip of fusible web on the spine. I'll use it to attach the fabric cover.

I chose a green batik for the background and orange and red, with good value contrast, for applique.

But once I've cut the applique shapes I've seen that the contrast wasn't enough so I added a purple fabric to enhance the applique edges and increase shape definition and colour contrast.

I fused and sewed the applique with decorative stitches and shining rayon threads

Next step has been quilting. I've outlined the batik motif, I've used stipples between motives and stuffed the motif lines like you do in boutis, to enhance them.

Then I've used beads and sesquins to decorate it and give motion and a sparking look.

To visually unify the appliques and give the idea of charms dangling from the bigger star I've used a furry thread, handsewed with beads.
So here's the finished cover.

Thanks to the fusible web I've attached the fabric to the cover of the white book, using also a piece of fapric inside the cover to give all a neat and finished look.

And so after two days of work, here's my Journal :)

Now I only need to take courage and start write in it!


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02/09/2012 23:55:11 #

Absolutely beautiful. Know it will house wonderful thoughts!

03/09/2012 17:27:17 #

Hi Linda, thank you !!!
I've started to write in it yesterday, hope I'll be able to stick on it Smile

12/09/2012 08:47:54 #

Makes me want to hold it and dream of the thoughts and ideas.  Beautiful.  You were right; the purple was just the thing! Thank you for sharing

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