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Last friday was the release day for the monthly Fast Friday Fabric Challenge and the theme was to explore the design principle of Repetition and play with creative descriptors of group of objects (like a pod of whales, a deck of cards etc)

First I thought to make a quilt about killer whales (predictable but I LOVE them) but after I read the challenge I found by chance, in my grandma home, this old chalk drawing made by my mom when she was a girl:

It has a meaning to me, and since the design seemed to fit with the challenge I've decided to convert it in a quilt.

I've copied the design on fusible web, cutted the pieces and fused on them fabrics, big pieces for the cats, confetti pieces for the yellow/blue part of the bullseye.

I've named it "catseye" because you can't name a group of cats ... every single cat is sure to be the center of the world :)

I've used commercial cotton, the threads are poly and rayon..
It's 15x9 inches and it isn't bounded because I think I'll frame it :)

The only doubt I have is about the blue/yellow part of the catseye... I wonder if it could benefit by a dark satin-stitch to enhance the blue/yellow edge. But I'm afraid that this could visually darken the right half of the work lowering the value contrast with the purple cat.

On the FastFriday blog I've had several good feedbacks and they think I should leave it as it is, what would you suggest?
Thank you!


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Barb Rummler
02/09/2012 01:53:34 #

My sister-in-law has five cats! She would just love this quilt. Would you consider selling it or making a trade?

Thank you.

Ann Kovalchick
02/09/2012 04:16:44 #

I really like it as it is.  But you might try a darker edge on other, lower part of the cat's eye to help balance the dark.  Lay some thread on it to audition the darker park.  Still I really like the quilt as it is.  

02/09/2012 23:07:25 #

What a special find and a beautiful remembrance!

02/09/2012 23:29:39 #

I like it as is! Nice that you have a drawing from your mother.

03/09/2012 17:26:20 #

Thank you for your comments Smile)) I'm happy you like it, I didn't expect sugh great welcome for this new quilt.
Barb I'm going to frame it then yes, it will be for sale Smile

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