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It seems that out there, in the world of artists of all kinds and species, a big role is played by the sketchbook.
A sketchbook is a notebook, in a few words, in which the artist write or more often draws the ideas that come in mind and that can evolve into finished works.
I've never had a sketchbook, I rather use to sketch on anything I have in hand, from pieces of paper to the back of dinner bills to bar napkins.
Bad because then I often lose them, but ideas remain in my mind.

I have a project book, where I archive the original patterns and templates I design, after I made the prototype, so these are finished projects not ideas for inspiration.
I've never felt the need for a sketchbook. And even now I would not want it, but to keep a sketchbook it is one of the things that Quilt Judging Course requires. (along with a journal but I will speak later about it)

Obviously since I don't like it I've not made it till now, since last october I procrastinated but now I have to do it. So I decided that at least my sketchbook must "belong to me", "be me and mine", from cover to cover.

So I've decided to make my own sketchbook :)

Few years ago I bought a book about how to make books and in the past I've made several, also with leather cover, with a technique similar to the one shown in  THIS WEBSITE (sorry italian but lot of pics).
This time I took it easy. Easy but not sloppy. Which means that I basically did as shown in the link above but without being too fussy, no details such as the sheets survature, the headband or the joint groove... without the bells and whistles: p

For the interior I did 5 sets of 5 bended sheets, so a total of 50 pages, then I ross-tied them.
In this photo you can see the seam and the clamps I used to help me keep everything still.

I joined to the front and back sheet the pastedown pages (the first and the last pages used to attach the cover) and I glued the back of the sheets with paper. (which you can use as an alternative to gauze)

Then I made the cover. The souls of the upper and lower boards and of the spine are made of cardstock, covered with marbled paper I made some times ago. (in the link I put above you can see how to do the cover)

Made the cover I joined it with the pastedowns, carefully leaving a small space between the pastedowns and the boards edges, all around. we call this space "nail".

I was careful to don't glue the spine to the back of the sheets, the spine must not be glued and must be curvy.
Ok, I made a couple of bells and whistles :p

So here it is, after a night under weight, my reallymine allmine sketchbook :)
I've also used my best marbled papers :)

Now I only have to put my mind in this challenge, find the technique, the inner skerching voice, to fill the pages :)

I am comforted by the fact that, apparently, have a sketchbook is one of the most complex and less spontaneous tasks that there are, not only for me but also for other artists :)

And what's about you? Do you have a sketchbook? It is easy to you to make it? Was it always been so? Is useful for you? Would you give me some hints? :)


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31/08/2012 18:20:19 #

Gorgeous!  I love the marbled papers on the cover!

I have several sketchbooks roaming about my house. They each seem to take a vacation while I use another.  Most of the things in my sketchbook are ideas and thoughts about quilting and other creative ventures.  They aren't as beautiful as I would like.  I joined the Sketchbook Challenge and then the Sketchbook Project to help me along with my sketchbook goals.  

I think the biggest hint I can give you is to JUST DO IT! Nothing like just digging in and doing something.  Good luck!

rita milocco
31/08/2012 21:04:22 #

io non ho nemmeno idee, figuriamo  uno
sketchbook su cui annotarle! però ogni tanto mi diletto con lo non è la stessas cosa

wholly jeanne
01/09/2012 06:46:57 #

Wow - what a beautiful sketchbook. Here's to filling it up easily and enthusiastically.

01/09/2012 13:32:13 #

Jeanne: thank you! I hope so Smile I'm ready... set... GO! Smile

Rita: Non è la stessa cosa ma anche per le idee da scrap potrebbe starci uno sketchbook Smile Gli appassionati dello sketchbook dicono che aiuta a far venire idee, più lo usano e più idee hanno... Non so, ti dirò se vale anche per me Smile

Lisa: Thank you Lisa! I thought to use a not so nice paper but then I thought "why am I treasuring that wonderful paper?" so I decided to enjoy it now, without waiting for "that right and special project"... this has to be that special project.
I've heard about the sketchbook project but never about the challenge, I'll search for it Smile May be it could help me too.
I use the "just do it" phylosophy when I have to quilt a quilt and I don't know how... as you said I should approach my sketchbook in the same way Smile
thank you!

02/09/2012 07:00:25 #

More often than not, I record my ideas in a folder in my projects file on my computer.  Sometimes that includes a photo or some notes I've jotted down.  Whatever works to trigger the imagination is what counts.

carol d
03/09/2012 03:39:06 #

A lovely creativity coach named Quinn said to randomly color a few pages..perhaps with water color..before writing..or drawing...then one is not faced with the whiteness of the "blank" sheet...because the book is Already started!

03/09/2012 16:48:35 #

Ma continuare a disegnare sugli scontrini ed i tovagliolini, e semplicemente tenere nella borsetta una busta in cui metterli per non perderli? Poi arrivi a casa e li incolli allo sketchbook (o se sono double-face li infili in una busta di plastica trasparente che poi fisserai a mo' di "pagina addizionale" dello sketchbook)...

03/09/2012 17:24:17 #

Mary thank you for your comment! I agree that I have to simply and only do what helps my imagination, I'll let this thing take the path it wants Smile I'm open to try a new way to work, may be it will work, may be not, but I have to discover it Smile

Carol d. thank you! I think Quinn had a great idea, and I want to try your hint. This morning I've oficially started to sketch on the book but I'll colour some pages as you said, I like the idea!

D-chan: il problema è che così lo sketch diventa della mole di un mattone, un po' come si riduceva la smemoranda al liceo e chi l'aveva più grossa era più figo Smile Però mi sa che alla fine finirà così.
Voglio comunque provare questa nuova modalità, vediamo, magari poi scopro che mi piace Smile

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