My corner-studio

by Orkaloca agosto 25 vita di tutti i giorni

Have I ever shown you my corner-studio?
I don't think :) so....

It's a corner-studio because is my creative space, my studio, the place where my works born... and it's also a corner, literally.
A corner of my living-room, that's large so I moved the couch from the wall and in the little space between couch and wall I've made my studio. It's about 6x9feet.

It's small but as you can see I've tried to organize it at the best :)
There's the table where I design, cut and sew, the ironing board and a small shelf-case where I keep books, projects, threads, battings, my second machine and all the notions and items I need ready ner me.
Then there are the rack and the plastic boxes where I keep my fabric stash and WIPs, and finally there's my beloved the mannequin.

It seems messy... no it IS messy, and small, but it has a great pro... this:

That window that allows me to have the best natural light I can desire on my table.

Well, my sewing world is all here :)

Small? Let's say intimate and cozy ^_*


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25/08/2012 20:01:10 #

Having a good window is so important... When I was able to put a table in front of the window, instead of the ironing board, my life changed!

25/08/2012 20:06:02 #

Hi Margaret, this is so true! I love that window Smile

25/08/2012 20:52:03 #

Your studio is adorable!  I love the natural light.  

25/08/2012 21:17:37 #

Not such a small space, most of the creating happens in your mind. This is only where you do the construction. I love your window and the wind chimes beneath your wall heater/air conditioner.

25/08/2012 21:28:21 #

Beh diciamo che non servono grandi spazi per creare piccole e grandi opere d'arte!!!!

Judy Ferguson
26/08/2012 03:22:02 #

I have an 8 X 10 room with a nice closet. I spent 3 months organizing and labeling everything. If it had been bigger, I would not have been able to do that. I find that it is easier when you are familiar with what you have.

Lee Pope
26/08/2012 06:30:06 #

I think your studio is charming and very efficient.  Often, more space means we cram more stuff in to it and we can only use so much stuff at a time.  So Bravo for your darling studio.

26/08/2012 09:44:44 #

la luce naturale è importantissima.Lo spazio è delizioso

26/08/2012 17:21:34 #

I suspect you could create inside a paper box, so size of studio not important!!!  But love your window and sewing set-up.....light is critical.  Keep up the good work and this studio will always be in your memories, even when you become more famous and have more room!

Mary Collier
26/08/2012 21:03:23 #

Thanks for sharing the picture of your studio.  You really have a lot of functionality in a small space. I like the light and the tile floor.  I am struggling with trying to install a long arm quilting set up (only 5 ft wide but still bulky) into my small bedroom. Wish me luck!

27/08/2012 21:52:25 #

Thank you all for appreciating my little corner-studio!

While the most of the creative process happens in my mind, as Janice said, sometimes I'd love a little more space Smile also if probably I'd only end up cramming stuff as Lee says.

When I handquilt big quilts all the space you can see in the photo is occupied by the quilting frame, so Mary I really understand your truble with the longarm.

Janice/Houston said "I suspect you could create in a paper box" this made me laugh figuring me insine a paper box with quilt, thread and needle... could be a nice subject for a whimsical quilt ^_^

I've to admit that after all the nice comments I read I love my little studio a little more Smile

Thank you!

nanda e gabriella grazie dell'apprezzamento, vero che troppo spazio non è essenziale ma a volte aiuterebbe Smile

31/08/2012 00:30:44 #

AAAAHHH! Ma tu hai quel quilt truculento sul muro! Questa la dice lunga su di te ;)
(comunque è il tuo quilt che mi piace di più, proprio perché è il premio impatto emozionale Tong )

01/09/2012 13:23:28 #

Ho sul muro quello, che è anche uno dei miei preferiti, accanto alla finestra che vedi in foto ho il suo gemello, quello con i datteri di mare, e in camera da letto il mio primo amore, l'Orka Vortex, quello blu e viola a spirale con le orche applicate Smile
Gli altri li tengo in un cassettone sotto il letto Smile Ogni tanto dovrei girare eheh.

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