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by Orkaloca agosto 22 WIP

With this post I'm starting a new WIP serie, I've had an idea and I'll show you my steps to make the quilt I've in mid.
I don't know where it will bring me, I'll make a masterpiece or rubbish, but someone said that the fun is in the journey, so let's start and see what happens :)

Sometimes I read a prompt, like a creative prompt or a quilt challenge, and immediately in my mind the image of the quilt appears.
It's strange, like a love at first sight.
Do you ever feel such a thing?

Well some days ago I read a creative prompt, a very simple one... PAINT.
Paint, a 5 letters word with a great variety of meanings.
And after reading the prompt I immediately seen in my mind the quilt, so I took a piece of paper and draw the concept.

Thinking to paint I immediately thought "color!" and then I thought "black!" because black to me is the more interesting and complete of colours, also if I know technically it's a non-colour :)

So I've had the image of this quilt, all black, with a paint can and a brush outlined by white lines on black. And from the brush a drop of black paint that becomes the most colorful paint you've ever seen and form a colorful pond.

The image in my mind is wonderful, the problem is to bring it into the real world.

Since it will be a black quilt I've decided that if it have no variation in colour, it has to have variation in fabric and texture so I selected some black cotton, lining, tulle and silk from my stash.

As first step I've made the applique pieces that will be the can, brush and colour pond. I've used heat'n'bond on black cotton and white silk.
The colorful fabric is a fabric I marbled some times ago.

Now I have to make the background, I will play with textures both visual and tactile. For tactile texture I will use different fabrics and I'll try some manipulation, For visual texture I want to try to add some ton sur ton painted motives.

Work in progress, stay tuned ^_* andoh, comments and hints are always welcome!


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22/08/2012 13:26:14 #

Wow! It is looking good already! I also have a word association type of moment sometimes when I hear a prompt. and like you, the issue is finding how to make it happen!
Sandy in the UK

22/08/2012 15:00:32 #

Yep, same here.  I'll hear something, a word or phrase, and immediately the idea starts drawing itself in my mind.  I need to get better about carrying a small notebook & pencil around with me to I can record them then and there.  When I act on the idea, sometimes my interpretation changes immensely, but I can remember how I got from the first visual to the actual piece.  Love watching your process.

Robin Koehler
22/08/2012 15:24:00 #

What a great concept!  Keep us posted!  
I have had word association happen but not too often.  Even so, it usually doesn't stay in the form of the initial vision.

Maxine Oliver
22/08/2012 16:20:33 #

Sometimes that happens to me. But not often enough...LOL..I love what you did. Your marble piece is beautiful and I can't wait to see it finished.

22/08/2012 21:22:52 #

Can't wait to see the finished quilt

22/08/2012 23:50:54 #

Thank you all for your replies! Smile
It's fun understand how other's minds work and find that someone is just like me, someone else is different Smile
Just like Gretchen I also should take the habit of bring a notebook with me... I'm awful at journaling and sketchbooking, I draw ideas on piece of papers, napkins, on the back of business cards, wherever but on a book ahah. Obviously then I lose them, luckily I can remember them.

Probably my final quilt will not be as my mind image, but as my husband keep saying "however it will be a success"

Today I've painted a black cotton that I'd like to use as background, tomorrow I'll see the result and publish it Smile

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