One week workshop in Abruzzo - Italy - October 2012

by Orkaloca dicembre 12 corsi e demo

Last week I've had a GREAT news. La scorsa settimana si è conclusa con una notizia bellissima :)
I have been selected to be a tutor/teacher, next summer, in the Abruzzo School of Creative Art.

The school organizes residential workshops about patchwork, fabric art, sketching and so on. The courses are open to all the quilters who understand english, so mainly from USA and England but also from other countries. Attending the course the student will learn something new and will be able to visit a rural part of Italy, not too much touristic. This will be a great journey.

Here's the workshop page :)
The workshop is about paintstiks and using them with masks. I will explain how to take photos to make a quilt, how to make a design from the photo, how to make a mask from the design and how to use paintstiks to paint a whole cloth.
Usually paintstiks are used to paint simple shapes with stencils or to add interest to a fabric using rubbing plates. With my workshop I want to show how paintstiks can allow to paint a whole intricate scene evolving from simple embellishment tool to protagonist of the quilt.

I'm happy and I feel honored that my class proposal has been selected from much more proposals and that I'll be teaching at the same venue than other very famous and well-known teachers :)

Now I'll work to the new workbook for this class.
I leave you this photo about the first class sample. The photo shows one of the two lions in front of the Duomo (cathedral) of Ancona, a city where I've lived 5 years and where I've left a piece of heart.


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12/12/2011 22:15:01 #

complimenti! è davvero una grande soddisfazione forse il tuo "amore " per quelle zone è stato intuito e quindi  hti hanno voluta immaginadno l atua passione

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