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In England there is a quilt association with nearly 7000 members. It 's the Quilters' Guild of British Islands.

The Quilters' Guild has a beautiful structure, and promotes the quilting culture in various ways pushing the patchwork beyond the "2 hours hobby watching TV".
Its activities are exhibitions, regional newsletters, boursaries, specialist groups, then there is a course ... a two-year course to train certified quilt judges (the only course of this kind in Europe).

The course aims to train quilt judges that will not be intimidated by having to evaluate a others' work and are able to judge critically the quilt, according to a standardized system (the one of the festival of Birmingham) which provides an useful feedback to the author of a quilt.

In short all the stuff that I (and may be every quilter) would like to see in a jurying process.

Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the world." Well I took this phrase litterally and at the end of april I sent the application form.

There is a selection of course attendees so I had to fill out a questionnaire about who I am, what I do, how I do it etc... a kind of curriculum, and then I had to wait.
I waited and waited because there was the royal wedding so in England there were extraordinary holidays and not all course tutors were available for review my application.

But today I received THE mail. My hands shook while I opened it

The mail said ....
I am pleased to let you know That the Judging Committee and the Course Tutors Have Looked at your application and now That We Are Able to offer you a place on the Quilt Judging Course 2011-2013.

You can guess how happy I am!

Now I will attnnd an introductory weekend in England, then 2 years of study during which I will be followed by a tutor and I will study in deep six modules. For each of these I will have to write a paper that will be evaluated.

At the end if I'll have met all requirements I'll be a judge :)

And tonight .... ICE CREAM! :9


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13/05/2011 18:31:11 #

Congratulazioni Silvia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Che colpaccio. Brava brava brava bravissima. Te lo meriti proprio.
Un abbraccio

13/05/2011 18:38:36 #

Madame complimenti!

14/05/2011 11:35:58 #

Mem, Erika, grazie di cuore Smile))

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