Phoenix gown

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When I saw "my" room for the Rocca Brivio show I noticed this corner, between a window and an unusable door.
This would have been an empty corner but soon this "problem" has become an happy reason to work to a project I had in my mind for a while: a gown.

I wanted to make a long dress with flared skirt and top, I had clearly in mind the shape, not so clear was the subject of the applique. One day I was thinking of a phoenix, a day after a carp and the day after again a dragon. Then start again from the phoenix and so on.
In any case, the colors would have been red/yellow, while the background was expected to be black.

With my doubts in mind I went to take the fabric for the dress. I entered the shop and went to the silk shelf, to see if there were black.
There was, but just above the black roll there was a roll of this beautiful shantung silk, iridescent, of a color between red / burgundy and blue.
It was love at first sight and this fabric convinced me on the subject: the phoenix.

The top is cut straight grain, with an heart-shaped neckline.
The skirt is cut on the bias, long to the feet, with tulle petticoat to keep it a little open.

The applique is made out of silk but the light yellow pieces that are of hand dyed cotton. The silk would reveal too much dark color from the background.

This dress was a very success and I'm glad of that! :)

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