For a dish of linguini

by orkaloca aprile 20 creazioni * Art Quilt

SIZE: 80x80cm
MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Silk, Acrilic paint, Shells. Free motion machine quilting
SHOW: "Le strade del patchwork portano a Rocca Brivio" - Solo Show
WHERE: Rocca Brivio
WHEN: April 2011

After my quilt about silk "Ceci ne sera pas une papillon" I've decided to go on with the serie about human "bestiality" so, using my marine biologist background, I've made a quilt about date mussels.

date mussels (Litophaga litophaga) are seashells, related to mussels, that lives on the underwater rocks. Or better I should say inside rocks.
The date mussel grow and dig a tunnel in the rock. It's impossible to keep out the date mussel from its tunnel. The only way is to destroy the rock.

The bad luck of the date is that it's a prelibate food but due to the collecting activity and the very slow growing rate (20 years to grow up to 5cm) these mussels are endagered and protected.

Of course they are protected and their cllection is forbidden, but this doesn't mean these mussels lives in peace.
Date mussels are illegally collected.
It is estimated that for one linguini with date mussels dish are needed 15/20 date mussels. To collect these about 1 square meter of rock coast is destroyed. And this piece of coast  will take up to 30 years to find a new balance and rebuild its biotic community.

This is why in my quilt you can see a black distruction explosion, and shells that subside to extintion.

Note: shells in my quilt aren't date mussels but more common and not endagered razor clams (Solen marginatus). I used them because they looks like date mussels.


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Robin Koehler
20/04/2011 21:35:52 #

It is important for us to know where our food comes from.  For the most part none of us are very connected to our food--go to the store and buy.  Thanks for the info.

Maxine Oliver
20/04/2011 22:51:26 #

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing

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