MiniQuilts for the Lottery at Rocca Brivio

by orkaloca marzo 23 creazioni

On April 16 - 17, there will be the annual Quilt Show in Rocca Brivio. The show is named "Patchwork roads leads to Rocca Brivio". There will be shown quilts made by the quilters of the association and other Italian artists.
There will be also a lottery and I've decided to give two small ArtQuilts. They are simple but with their black mat and the black frame they look so cool :)

The theme is "feathers", the background is hand-dyed


Red feathers and feathers quilted with Aurifil


A small white feather, a feather quilted with gold metallic thead and a net-like ribbon to embellish.

The frames are 20x30cm, the mat window is 10x20cm.

I like them as they are but may be I'll add some golden-acrilyc accents to the quilting.

So if you want one of these you've to come to Rocca Brivio on April 16/17 and buy at least one lottery tiket :)

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