Cervia, nails and FFFC 50

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Aa week ago I went at a national quilters meeting, in a maritime city called Cervia. Our national quilter association staged a quilt show in the convention center and I had a quilt shown there.
The sad thing was that the quilts were hung with nails.
Here's a photo to let you understand what I mean:

I was orrified but when I pointed out the fact the organizers replied to me that they were doing it right, that a famous quilter told them to do that, that nails were small and so on. No way for a new hanging method.
Then I asked for an opinion in the QuiltArt mailing list. I was reassured, I'm right, nails are bad for quilts.
But in the other italian quilters' opinion I'm wrong, I was so frustrated about that, till someone told me "life is short and you have to decide whether to spend it fighting or making art!"
This made me think that I can also fighting making art, and so my quilt for challenge 50 (theme: haiku) was born..

The haiku is:
The grey sea sadly foams
Where the quilts are crucified
At ignorance walls

(hope the syllables count is correct)

And here is my quilt:

The photo is one of those I took on the Cervia beach during the meeting, printed on fabric and quilted, the "wall" is fused, the little quilt is a recycle, I made this little quilt to try a new technique months ago and then I left it unfinished. I've finished it with back and binding, I've sewed it to the other pieces then I've ripped it to insert the big nail. Finally came the bloody drops.
I'd like to add also some words like "it's just a little nail" on the wall, I'm going to write them when I'll find the ideal technique to do so.

In this quilt I've tried 2 techniques new to me: I've attached the binding with blanket stitch (don't like it too much), and I've used satin stitch to close part of the quilt (but it came out wavy, any hint about that?).

Every coment and hint will be appreciated.

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