creative disappointment

by orkaloca agosto 23 parlano di me

On the door of the anatomy lab where I've worked there was a plate and on it written: "If you aren't confused about that you aren't trying enough"

That phrase struck my cord but I've never fully understood it till now.
In the QuiltArt mailing list someone quoted from Making Ideas Happen" by Scott Belsky:

"The love you have for what you're doing is actually the most important
thing. Love is the only thing that's going to pull you through and get you
to finish. . . but there is also a paradoxical and interesting fact: The
thing you actually end up making is going to be such a failure compared to
the original feeling that you had, the original vision that you had. If you
finish and you find out that it's not a failure, it means you didn't try
hard enough, because when you really fall in love with something, you
idealize it, and you develop a vision of it that's actually unattainable in
reality. The feeling of it is so pure that you can't make a real thing that
has that feeling and so you're inevitably going to be disappointed by it.
And in some way, the depth of that disappointment is in direct correlation
to how beautiful the vision was to begin with."

I find that so true! When I make a project my original idea is so perfect that it's impossible to realize it.
But I'm also a perfectionist, so this drive me crazy... but the result is that my creations are of high quality.
Also if finally they aren't as beautiful as my idealized idea.


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23/08/2010 12:55:55 #

da una parte ti capisco perchè anch'io sono come te e spesso rimango delusa dal lavoro finito perchè volevo "fare altro".. ma ho imparato anche un altro punto di vista... quando ho scoperto che il lavoro finito può essere sorprendentemente migliore dell'idea iniziale... Il progetto in corso d'opera si può trasformare e acquistare connotati nuovi e spettacolari... Non capita spesso, ma quando capita.. a me dà quasi più soddisfazione di quando corrisponde esattamente a ciò che avevo in mente! A parte tutto la citazione mi sembra un pò pessimista e frustrante.. in fondo l'estro e la creatività si possono piegare ben poco ai nostri voleri, bisogna anche lasciarli correre liberi perchè si esprimano al meglio...

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