Monday craft market

by orkaloca aprile 7 fiere e feste

a nice day

After the Feast of Forgiveness I had an Easter Market, on Monday in Melegnano.

Since the day before the weather was rainy, wind, and somewhere even snowy! But the forecast gave good weather for Monday, so I loaded the car, ready for adventure.
And Monday was indeed a wonderful day. Very cold in the morning, but with a beautiful sun and blue sky. The afternoon was warm.

I've spent good time in this market; with the sun people are more willing to stop, looking at my work, chat, ask. And also buy. :)
You remember the butterflies quilt in the previous post? Well a nice girl fell in love with it and bought it!
And so I said hello to my butterflies sure that they will be fine, judging by how passionate the girl looked at them.

If you read here and you recognize yourself, I don't know your name, but I once again thank you!

The evening came quickly and after all I arrived home destroyed, but an hot bath and a dish of pasta revive me... just in time to go on te couch and collapse eheh.

Once again I thank all those who have stopped at my booth, those who have appreciated my work and had a little chat with me :)

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