A quilt with a Mediterranean twist

by Orkaloca February 4 bed quilt * creazioni * custom made

One day I received a request, something "outside the box": not the usual pink or blue baby quilt but a quilt with a Mediterranean flavor, which could remind the forests, and with the initials of the child it was for.
Stimulated by the challenge I started to design.

A baby quilt must be:

- Very resistant to use and abuse. This is why I use techniques like piecing and applique with fusible web.
- Thin and lightweight but warm.
- Soft, so it can't have too much quilting.

With that in mind I did this project, using colors that recall the Mediterranean. I have used leaves shapes in applique, they are leaves from Italian plants. 

After the project I started to sew the quilt. Near each applique leaf I've hand-embroidered the name of the plant it belongs to.

I've echo-quilted the leaves...

... while a grid quilt the pieced blocks.

Finally on the border there are leaves and curls.

Here it is, finished and ready for its new home. 

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