A special ring

by Orkaloca April 2 art * creazioni * ispirazioni

Nala, my bernese mountain dog, is a special dog, not only she knows how to win the hearts of everyone, but she also knows how to relate with the world and with other dogs.
She is one of those dogs that, seeing two dogs in a fight, even if it is only for play, she gets in the way and knows how to calm them down.
In the following video you can see her while implementing precisely this behavior, dividing two puppies that exaggerate in the game, on her opinion.


Have you heard those GROURRR? Those are typical, she uses them only in these situations. This is her special way to say "calm dooown".

But how this relates with a ring? Well a month ago, at the craft fair Creattiva Bergamo I had the chance to put my hands on a technique that I wanted to try since a while: wax modeling for lost wax casting.

This is a technique of metallurgy / goldsmith. You make a wax model of the object / jewel you want to do, then you include the model in fireclay and heating the block the wax melts and drips away leaving the space inside the block of clay. Then the fused metal is poured in the clay mould to form the object.

Well, knowing that I could model a jewel I decided to go with the idea of doing something dedicated to Nala.

From the video above I extracted the audio of her characteristic GROURRR and I made the waveform with a program:

This is the GROURRR sound wave, a unique feature of Nala.

I started to play with this waveform, experimenting, drawing artistic renderings.

I made it with curls, spikes, flat, round, at the end the version I liked more was asymmetrical, consisting of a curl and drops.

During the fair, at the stand of Al'kemia Lab, I was able to develop a wax prototype of my ring, carving and shaping the wax according to the shape that I had taken from the GROURRR of Nala.

Then the model has been taken to the lab and the steel fusion has been performed. And yesterday the ring arrived!

And what to say ... as Nala it is wonderful and special!

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