Dog and butterfly baby quilts

by orkaloca April 4 bed quilt

Two new baby quilts

I love to sew baby quilts!
Due to their small size (100 x 120 cm) they don't require months of work and tons of materials. These are projects that I can begin and see finished in few days, even when I'm working on more challenging projects. They become my best allied when I'm working on long projects and I feel the ungence of see something finished.

I also like to think about how those quilts will be used ... layed on the bed, or down on the floor as mat for baby games, or on the couch ready for nap-time. I like to think that these quilts will be part of the everyday life of a child.
And then maybe the child will grow and he will bring his quilt with him when he will live alone. I have a quilt from my childhood, and now that I'm married it's still on my bed!

With all these thoughts in my mind I've sew my last two baby quilts. They have the same pattern but the different choice of animal and fabrics made of them two completly different quilts. (the dog pattern is from a kit from Blackberry quilts)

The animal patches are fused and sewn down with blanket stitch. every animal is then surrounded with and handmade quilting line.

Now I have just to waiting for a new home for these two babies :)

Add: the butterfly quilt has found a new home!

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