Back home

by Orkaloca October 6 vita di tutti i giorni

Ehhh yes, I'm back home, vacations finished sigh sob :p
For two weeks we've driven up and down in UK, from London to York and back to Reading, jumping from town to town :)
In Reading, in the last weekend, I've attended the introductory meeting of the Quilt Judging Course, what a great experience!

I'll tell you more in my next posts, now I've to notify a couple of problem occoured in my absence.
Before our holydays my husband upgraded the site platform. It seem all right, then after two weeks I've discovered that both email and blog comments have had problems.

Now we've fixed the problem, I'm sorry if you have left comment or sent email and you haven't had a reply, I haven't received them. :(

So what else have I to say? Back at work! :)

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