Home-made quilting frame

by Orkaloca January 23 creazioni

In October, when I went in London to attend the "quilting judge course", I met Sara Casol, a wonderful hand-quilter. She Is so skilled in hand-quilting that I only can dream to reach her level. Luckily she's also a teacher and when I've heard that she was invited near my city to teach hand-quilting I booked for the class in seconds :)

But a problem arose: I don't have a portable quilting frame. I have my big frame that I use for queen and king size quilts but I can't go to a class with it.
And I didn't want to buy a simple quilting hoop cause I think they aren't comfortable without a pedestal.

I would love a quilting frame with pedestal, one of those that tilts, twists and folds for portability. But they are too pricey for me.

And that was the moment my carpenter neuron woke up so I thought:
Drill: got it
Saw: got it
Dremel: got it
Screws, bolts and so on: got them
Screwdriver, pliers, wrench: got them all!

And I had got also the wood, from a previous project.

So it was simple to decide: I can make My own quilting frame!

The first evening I've drawn the project, then I've spent the two next days making, unmaking, modifying till I've had... THIS:

My home-made quilting frame with pedestal!
The frame itself is a square 50x50cm (19x19inch) and it's on a wood joint that allow it to tilt and twist of 360°.
This is mounted on a 60cm (23inch) tall pedestal that has a cross-shaped foot.
I've made also an heigh extension but there isn't in the photo and I don't think I'll ever need it.

And the most wonderful thing is that twisting here and folding there the frame can be reduced to this:

Folded in this way the frame is portable and much less bulky. It is only 8cm (about 3inch) deep.

Now I only have to paint it, I usually like natural wood but in this case it's too much impersonal.
Today I've bought the paint, soon my new toy will be painted ... dark red!

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