Sketchbook 02

by Orkaloca September 5 ispirazioni

(This post is part of the Off The Wall Friday on Nina-Marie blog)

One of the streets I walk, every now and then, with the dog skirt a vegetable garden.
A garden with tomatoes, beautiful ornamental sunflowers, blue bells, apple pear and pomegranate trees overloaded of fruits, and even alkekengi (bladder cherry) ... and then there are the pumpkins.

There are the classic green pumpk we use to make rice and then there's this.
A single white pumpkin, pear shaped, so big that it has been tied to support it.

Since a few days ago I had in mind this pumpkin so today I took the dog and went outside the fence of the garden, I sat down and I drew on my sketchbook.

I hope I'll be able to draw something every day. We will see :)

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