Holy precuts

by Orkaloca March 26 bed quilt * creazioni

When I start a new creation I like to think deeply about it, to plan, make sketches... I spend lot of time in the designing phase. 

But this time I've had a request for a baby quilt "for yesterday", and having so little time I wasn't able to plan the quilt nor to go and shop for fabrics. The only thing I had to do was to open the fabric cabinet in the hope of having something useful. 
And here I've started to thank for that time I bought a charm pack just because I liked the colours and because "you never know..." 

Batiks are always wonderful and if the colours are well combined the result is granted. So I've just sewn the precuts with a sashing and I've added a fast quilting. And here it is, a quilt made in record time.

It's not totally my style but I'me happy with the colours. sometimes you have to make compromises. 

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