quilts and syncro swimming

by Orkaloca August 16 art * Judging

Watching at Olymics syncro swimming, listening the comments made by a former swimmer and now judge, I noticed how every art forms relies on the same basis. Thos art principles that, when well applied, whatever the medium is, make the difference between good art and a mess.
Here are some of her comments... I could easily use them when judging quilts and they shaw a little of what we look at when we judge.

"Judges should be able to understand the routine without reading the description"
"plenty of variety"
"fantastic transitions"
"use lot of water (space)"
"Could have benefitted by slightly more contrast"
"Good proportions through the water"
"lovely interpretation of the theme"
"show contrast in movement, variety in the program"
"just pohetic"
"marvellous internal attitude, take every skill to maximum"
"tonal attitude"

(Above: swimmers in bee suite, Below: New Beginning by Elfriede Grooten -detail- )

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