Quilt Judging Course: study design

by Orkaloca August 1 being artist * Judging

My loyal readers already know it, since last October I started my quest to earn certification as an international quilt judge.
The course, organized by the Quilters' Guild of the British Islands, will end in 2013 and in these two years of study it requires me to complete 6 "modules". For each module I've to study a lor and submit an essay.
The work is intense, long and hard, perhaps more than expected, but very interesting. I'm learning so many things and gaining a greater awareness about the artwork.

The second module, that I finished just yesterday, requested to study the elements of art and principles of design.
One of my reference book is only about colour. 160pages.
Only for colour.

Another task was to visit an art exhibition, write a detailed presentation and criticism for 5 artworks.
If I hadn't to do this I would have lost a beautiful exhibition of contemporary art in Milan.

Now the deadline is past, essay is gone, I expect the evaluation, but this job gave me the desire to learn more about design and who knows maybe I'll open a new chapter in my blog ^_*

But for today I deserve relax :)

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