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The day before yesterday it was snow... yesterday it was sunny and warm ... today it's rainy and cold ...
When will the spring arrives?

Meanwhile I try to call it with this wreath outside the door.

If you want to do it the steps are simple:

1 - take a polystyrene base for the wreath and cover it with a green cloth
2 - take some felt in several colors and cut flowers and leaves. If, like me, you have a BigShot and appropriate dies your job will be easier, otherwise you have to arm yourself with patience and scissors
3 - with the holy hot glue attach the leaves on the wreath and then the flowers. Let the flowers overlapping, use large and small flowers and create an harmonious whole.
4 - if you have some plastic half-spheres or beads you can use them as the center of the flowers. If you have wooden ladybirds use those too.
5 - take a piece of green ribbon, fold it in half and glue it on the back of the wreath so that it forms a ring (which will be the hanger point)
6 - cut from the felt a branch and a bird and glue them on the tails of the ribbon.
7 - trim the edge of the ribbon with a diagonal or a V cut.

Hang it, photograph it and be proud of yourself :)

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