Pop-Art quilt

by orkaloca June 1 creazioni

Thi month the theme of the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge was: Fungi + complementary or split complementary colours + stylized or abstract.

My entry is called "If Andy had been a mycologist".
Yes, the Andy of the title is Warhol :p
I'd like to do a piece in Andy's style since I started quilting, and this challenge seems to be perfect.
When I've read about the split complementary colours I've had hard time choosing which colours use, then I've decided to use them all, and the better way was to do a "pop-art" quilt :) so here's my entry for the challenge:

Every block is made with 3 split complementary colours. I've used the main colour as background of the block, then I've used the two complementay colours for the mushroom.
The mushroom is an earth-star Astraeus hygrometricus , a kind of fungi that fascinate me since I was child :)

With this little quilt (14"x14") I went out of my comfort zone choosing to do raw edges applique.
I hate raw edges, but in this case I've thought that this technique would be perfect to give the aspect of the scales on the star petals, and I've to admit that I'm quite happy with the result.
The "petal" zone is made by 2 layers. The bottom layer is fused on the background, the top layer is only sewn down without fusing. I've then sew the scales shapes and I've cut away the unwanted fabric between the scales to let show the bottom layer.

Here is a close-up of one block (click to enlarge)

I really had fun sewing this quilt :)

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