Orkaloca back in action

by Orkaloca July 24 bed quilt * creazioni

Some months of vacation and I'm ready to start again with a brand new site :)
The site restyle has taken more than planned (and I still have lot to do) but the truth is that I was also busy with tons of other projects :)
So, a brand new site, a little more time, let's start again!

This seems to be a good season to born, I've lot of friends and relatives that are having babies.
So the first thing I want to show you is a baby quilt I've made for my cousin's daughter, commissioned as gift by my grandma.

She wanted something nice, brilliant, not the usual baby pink.
So I've made this:

(click on img to enlarge)

I choose violet, pink, yellow and red and I've used appliqued flowers near bold stripe blocks. The quilted lines, with a diamond motiv, give unity to the blocks.
I've used an already quilted batting so I can take the quilting to a minimum.

My grandma loved it and so did my cousin :)

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