A day to dye for

Fabric dyeing is addictive. The problem is that it is a game that requires time but especially space, so I don't do it often.

But last week I realized I'm running out of dyed fabric so, voila, I grabbed my Procion dyes and started a Tray-Dye batch.
This techniques is really nice because allows to use little water, without having buckets full of color around, but only the tray in which the fabric lies.

For the curious on Thursday March 3rd I'll make a demo during the craft fair Bergamo Creattiva, Where there will be also a quilt I've made for the collective show "Quiltomanti"

Ohhh I love this one, who knows how it will be once opened *_* 

Ohhh here I feel the dyeing demon... heeeelp XD 

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