Mudra and mantra in Tahiland

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Last month I had several difficoulties making the quilt for this month judged show. The quilt gave me lot of life lessons but zero satisfation. That's ok I guess.
Now that the show is over (and this time I haven't won, but I was prepared) I can show you the quilt, but I suggest that before you read the post about the difficoulties I've had doing it. You can find it HERE

Ok now I can explain my quilt :)

First of all the show theme was "scent of orient" so I've decided to take inspiration from Tahiland, a place that I find really fascinating.
Tahi dancers wears metal finger tips to give to the hands a long and sharp shape. I like this kind of adornment so I've made them a focal point.

To do the hands I've designed them on paper, then I've painted them with paintstick on a piece of hand-dyed cotton.
Metal tips are made with gold-foil coated fabric. Both hands and tips are hand appliqued on the background.

Hands position is not random. Psitions are mudra, specific position of hands and body that, in the oriental culture, are believed to balance energies and attract good things.

Another focal point is the hole, that has refined edges and an organza flag, like a prayer flag, with a mantra printed on it.

Mantra are phrases that are repeated several times like pray. I've chosen the White Tara Mantra, written in sanskrit. It sounds wonderful.

About background I've done a batik with flowers and medallions inspired to the Thai architechture.
Flowers are painted with acrylics, the purple is a dye thickened with alginate.

Finally the quilting phase. I've done a simple feathers desing in red with some pink flowers here and there.

Final effect is this:

Composition seems to be unbalanced, too much heavy on top. I've decided to do it this way and like it but I understand it can be annoying for some observers.
I've thought also to put something on the left of the hands, I don't like too much that purple "hole" but then I've done nothing to don't make the quilt too full and messy. Anyway I?m still convinced it would benefit from a little addiction in that point.

This quilt speaks me a lot but I think it's too much personal so it speacks only to me eheh.

Anyway the process has been a nice and instructive adventure. And now... let's work on the next :)

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