The cloak is finished

by orkaloca February 21 creazioni * wearable

Last month I received a commission for a cloak. The customer wanted it long till the floor, black, made out of wool, lined and with a detachable shorter cape.

I had to buy 6,5mt of wool (coat weight) and 5mt of lining, and this was the simply part.
Then I had to cut two full circles out of the wool, one with a 140cm radius, the other with a 40cm radius. I had to cut a full 140cmradius circle also from the lining.
The last piece was the collar, made out of two identical piece of wool, then sewed toghether.

I sewed the collar to the big circle of wool, then I added the lining. Due to the heavy weight of the cloak (more than 4.5kilos) I decided to sew the lining and the wool wrong-sides toghether, so I hadn't to turn it right-side out.
I've made hems both to the big cloak and to the smaller cape, then I made 6 button-holes on the smaller cape, around the neck, and sewed 6 buttons around the neck of the cloak.
Finally I sewed a single cord/wood clasp to close the cloak.

And here is the finished cloak:

On saturday I gave the cloak to the customer, and guys you can believe it was really happy!

Then yesterday he sent to me a photo of the full ensemble, with cape and carnival dress. Soooo stylish!

If you want a cloak like this, or something less scenical, like a shorter cape or a feminine cape, contact me :)

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