by Orkaloca February 13 bed quilt * creazioni * custom made


They bring you to think outside the box, to try new things, find an original solution.
And often they are hidden where you would not expect.

In a baby quilt, for example.

So one day a friend contacts you and asks you for a baby quilt. But he wants something special, original.

As always I try to figure the situation: "Do you want it classic, with square blocks, or an all-over design?". He responds "an all-over".
Well well things get interesting.

Second question "Have you already thought to a subject?"
And here he drops the bomb "Yes, I would like it with -drumroll- BATS"

Grin on my face.

Bats are adorable little animals, too often mistreated and viewed as disgusting beings, if not dangerous.
The reality is that they are fascinating creatures, wonderful, cuddly and perfectly adapted to their role of flying mammals.
They suffer the fame of the vampire, but the reality is that most bats eat insects, others eat fruit and there are also bats who seeks for the pollen of flowers.

Sure sleeping upside down is not the smartest thing in the world, in our opinion, but even that makes sense for them. Think at how little effort must be done to start flying :)

(Click on images to enlarge)

For this quilt I have chosen to depict bats in search of pollen. Did you know that bats can lick the pollen as they fly hovering? A bit like a big furry hummingbird.

Considering the deep blue background, and the realistic brown bat, I inserted the white and pink bell-shaped flowers to brighten the scene. The action is enclosed, but not limited, by a yellow frame that provides light.

These are all things that I define at the design stage, when I make the first design and test colours. 

Technically speaking the background is pieced while bats, leaves, flowers and branches are machine applique.

The quilting motif follows the marbling in the center panel. On the edges the quilt is in leaves motif. It isn't very dense because this is a quilt that must to be used, not an artistic panel, and should remain as soft as possible. It will wrap the baby in a cuddly hug, now that it's in the bed as well as later when he will grow up and will look the cartoons cuddling on the couch .

This is one of my favourite baby quilts and I say thanks to who challenged me to make it :) 


A quilt with a Mediterranean twist

by Orkaloca February 4 bed quilt * creazioni * custom made

One day I received a request, something "outside the box": not the usual pink or blue baby quilt but a quilt with a Mediterranean flavor, which could remind the forests, and with the initials of the child it was for.
Stimulated by the challenge I started to design.

A baby quilt must be:

- Very resistant to use and abuse. This is why I use techniques like piecing and applique with fusible web.
- Thin and lightweight but warm.
- Soft, so it can't have too much quilting.

With that in mind I did this project, using colors that recall the Mediterranean. I have used leaves shapes in applique, they are leaves from Italian plants. 

After the project I started to sew the quilt. Near each applique leaf I've hand-embroidered the name of the plant it belongs to.

I've echo-quilted the leaves...

... while a grid quilt the pieced blocks.

Finally on the border there are leaves and curls.

Here it is, finished and ready for its new home. 


Holy precuts

by Orkaloca March 26 bed quilt * creazioni

When I start a new creation I like to think deeply about it, to plan, make sketches... I spend lot of time in the designing phase. 

But this time I've had a request for a baby quilt "for yesterday", and having so little time I wasn't able to plan the quilt nor to go and shop for fabrics. The only thing I had to do was to open the fabric cabinet in the hope of having something useful. 
And here I've started to thank for that time I bought a charm pack just because I liked the colours and because "you never know..." 

Batiks are always wonderful and if the colours are well combined the result is granted. So I've just sewn the precuts with a sashing and I've added a fast quilting. And here it is, a quilt made in record time.

It's not totally my style but I'me happy with the colours. sometimes you have to make compromises. 


Art baby quilt

by Orkaloca March 24 bed quilt * creazioni

Some time ago I've had a request for a custom baby quilt "wonderful but your own style"

So I've designed a curvy colorful quilt, just as I like it :) 

I've made the design sketch and then I've made the full size design. Of course it had to be CatApproved!
Then I've cut the main sections and worked on them sewing the applique pieces. After this I've assembled the sections and quilted it all in freemotion. 
Finally I just have had to convince my husband to serve as quilt hanging... please note how happy he is XD

And so here it is, my baby quilt a little bit out of the box :)


Geko baby quilt

by Orkaloca September 5 bed quilt

For a baby born last month, a gift from his grandma.

'Cause I make ArtQuilts for passion and expression, but what sells are baby quilts.
So I make the second to earn anough to make the first :)


spiderweb baby quilt

by Orkaloca July 28 bed quilt

My best friend has became a mommy.
What better way to welcome the baby than make a baby quilt?

For her I've chosen the spiderweb block.
Every baby has a nickname when still in the womb... my friend's baby was our "little sweet spider" (ok in italian sounds better and in only one word: ragnetta). So the spiderweb quilt was the obvious idea :)

Here it is :) I haven't gave it to my friend, yet, I hope she will like it :)


Orkaloca back in action

by Orkaloca July 24 bed quilt * creazioni

Some months of vacation and I'm ready to start again with a brand new site :)
The site restyle has taken more than planned (and I still have lot to do) but the truth is that I was also busy with tons of other projects :)
So, a brand new site, a little more time, let's start again!

This seems to be a good season to born, I've lot of friends and relatives that are having babies.
So the first thing I want to show you is a baby quilt I've made for my cousin's daughter, commissioned as gift by my grandma.

She wanted something nice, brilliant, not the usual baby pink.
So I've made this:

(click on img to enlarge)

I choose violet, pink, yellow and red and I've used appliqued flowers near bold stripe blocks. The quilted lines, with a diamond motiv, give unity to the blocks.
I've used an already quilted batting so I can take the quilting to a minimum.

My grandma loved it and so did my cousin :)



by orkaloca July 20 bed quilt

To finish a quilt is a grat satisfation. Better when you finish 2 days ahead due date! ^___^

Size is 60x72 inches (152x182 cm) so it's a nice plaid or couch quilt for two :)
Now I only have to do a nice card and find a box for the quilt. But tomorrow.

Now I deserve some relax!


QG weekly contest

by orkaloca January 7 bed quilt

Hi Folks, this week I'm in in the Quilting Gallery weekly contest with my king size bed quilt "Anahata".
This is a machine pieced hand quilted quilt I've made as wedding gift for a friend. 

In the contest there are other quilts, some very nice. You can see them all and vote HERE .
If you will vote my quilt youìll make me happy :) 

kisses :)


Dog and butterfly baby quilts

by orkaloca April 4 bed quilt

Two new baby quilts

I love to sew baby quilts!
Due to their small size (100 x 120 cm) they don't require months of work and tons of materials. These are projects that I can begin and see finished in few days, even when I'm working on more challenging projects. They become my best allied when I'm working on long projects and I feel the ungence of see something finished.

I also like to think about how those quilts will be used ... layed on the bed, or down on the floor as mat for baby games, or on the couch ready for nap-time. I like to think that these quilts will be part of the everyday life of a child.
And then maybe the child will grow and he will bring his quilt with him when he will live alone. I have a quilt from my childhood, and now that I'm married it's still on my bed!

With all these thoughts in my mind I've sew my last two baby quilts. They have the same pattern but the different choice of animal and fabrics made of them two completly different quilts. (the dog pattern is from a kit from Blackberry quilts)

The animal patches are fused and sewn down with blanket stitch. every animal is then surrounded with and handmade quilting line.

Now I have just to waiting for a new home for these two babies :)

Add: the butterfly quilt has found a new home!