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One of the things you learn when studying colour theory is "more important than hue is its value"Tha

One of the things you learn when studying colour theory is "more important than hue is its value"
That translated into simple terms means it does not really matter if you are using red blue or yellow, what matters more is if it's light, medium or dark.

This concept allows to make realistic portraits, I mean that "it looks like her ...", using completely false color.

Wanting to make a bag with Nala, and wanting to do it colourful, I used this theory.

And the result is not bad I'd say 

To give you an idea of ​​the work, here are the basic steps:

1) Find the right image, crop it, process it at pc to make it easier to draw the pattern from it, print it (1h)

2) Make the paper pattern. Some people do it with pc. I, despite being good with the PC, and even if I have a graphic-tablet and I'm not afraid of using it, I still prefer to do it the old way... paper, pen and light-table. So I take the photo and a sheet of paper and I define the main shape and all the important lines. Those of colour and light change. Each area so defined will be translated in a different piece, or more pieces, of fabric. (Not a fast job, I can need 2 full hours to obtain the final pattern)

3) Fabric hue and value selection. This is followed by a painstaking job of cutting the fabrics and composition. Cut, compose, think, replace. This is a long job, for this dog head, the size of 16x20cm, it took me 8 hours without fiddling.

At this point I have my application, which is only the embryo of what it will be T the end. Still missing all the details but the image is there and one already can tell "It looks like her"

4) Wanting to make a bag, at this point I put aside the application to choose the bag fabrics. Here I've chosen jeans for the outside and quilting cotton for the inside. Cut all the parts. (1h between choose, iron and cut)

5) Then comes the second longest part: to sew the application on the front of the (still un-sewn) bag. I fix the application (in this case with a little glue, but I could have used the fusible web) and start a free hand stitching work that is intended to permanently attach all the fabrics and to add details, defining the fur, nose, eyes. Obviously I have not used random thread but I carefully chose the colours. Luckily I have great choice thanks to my beloved Aurifil bog box.
All this takes away another 5/8 hours, depending on the level of detail and considering that I fixed all the threads on the back, even if they will be hidden. This takes away some time.

6) At the end I can finally put the whole bag together. First the outside, with a squared bottom, then the lining, with her squared bottom, then the handles and finally I sew everything and close the gaps. There are tons of details, those things that normally people don't notice, but they are there and contribute to the solid and well-made bag (i.e. the X seams to reinforce the handles). All these take away time. This step requires 2 hours.

And so at the end I have a wonderful custom bag, with my dog, that "really looks like her"
The total work took at least 20h. Three days of good work.

But it really worth it.

 (Do you want a custom bag or quilted picture? Mail me at )

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