Cream and red table runner

by Orkaloca July 9 creazioni * traditional



Red and cream table runner

by Orkaloca July 9 creazioni * traditional

Few week ago I was commissioned to make a table runner that will be placed in a living room that's mainly red and brown.
I was left free to chose the style but I knew that the customer likes traditional and "country" style, so I decided to make a classic gradation runner.

I've decided for a colour progression from white to red via yellow :)
The construction went fast, but deciding how to quilt it was another story. I didn't want to rely on the usual stipples, but decide which quilting design sew took a while.

Being the fabric placement very geometric, I decided that the quilting had to be curvy, to balance the straight lines. So I made feathers.

The feathers on the center and on the border are made in freemotion, improvising. The feathered circle in the center of the table runner and the feathered motives on the corners are made in freemotion following a path copied on the fabric as I showed in my previous tutorial post.

And so here it is, the completed table runner.


Tutorial: how to draw quilting pattern on fabric

by Orkaloca July 6 tutorial * tutorial

Yesterday I did a nice job of quilting, and while tracing the pattern on the corners of my quilt I thought I could do an interesting tutorial :)

If you machine quilt freehand you can do a lot of things without having a path to follow, not just the random patterns as stipple, but also the feathers are doable improvising. And in fact usually I do so.
But if the design is complex, structured, symmetrical, I prefer to draw the pattern on the fabric. But how?

With the blue pens that disappear when wet I had a bad experience so I will only use them in few situations, moreover they are good for light fabrics, not for a dark red / orange ones, and that was my case.

So here is my method :)


print on paper the pattern and makes holes all around the design with a big needle.


Place the pattern on the quilt, pin it down, and spread on it some baby powder, not too much.


With a brush, applying a circular motion, make the powder fill the holes.


Gently take off the sheet of paper with all the baby powder leftover. Now on the fabric I have a series of powder dots that show me the path. But they are extremely ephemeral (don't breathe above and never ever sneeze!) So I use them as a guide to trace the design. I use a normal white pencil, is the thing I prefer.


Quilt following the design :) Almost everything will come off while you work (so do not rub too much with your hands the parts that have not been quilted yet).
If some signs remain on the fabric, as in the photo below, just rub a with the hands and everything disappears.

Happy quilting!


Installation site-specific

by Orkaloca June 24 art

5 weeks ago I discovered the MOOCs world and I enrolled an art class.
In this class every week an artistic theme is debated, then we have to take a quis and to make a work of art.
After the surrealism, the mail art, the portrais study, this week is the turn of the land art and environment installations.

So here I am, I have to deal for the first time with a site-specific installation

Title: "Koi carp is not a rainbow fish"

The place I've chosen to make my installation is the "parco Ittico" (fish park), a park dedicated to fishes species. In the park there are artificial rivers where several fish specie are located. On the rivers there are bridges, to pass from one side to the other, and observatory windows under the ground level that allow to see the fishes from behind the water level.
I know well this park because I work here as environmental guide, I teach to children about fish ecology and biology.
When, during the park tour, I bring children to see the Koi carps, they always sentence "ohhh the rainbow fish!", because they are colorful.
This sentence gave me the idea for my installation.

I decided to make something on the carp bridge. But what? I wanted something that could remember the rainbow and at a time it had to be related to childhood. I thought it could be a nice idea to use what I can have in hands being a guide, so I went to our materials room and I looked for something.
I came up with balloons and a rope.

I choose the balloons in the rainbow colours and inflated them with water. Then I hung my baloon rainbow to the carp river.

To take photos with the carps, and enhance the contrast between the childish artificial material and the living fish, I attracted the animals throwing their food right under the balloons.

Who knows what this carp has thought about my art? :p


Something small and traditional

by Orkaloca June 19 WIP

Work in progress for a commission: a vertical banner with a girl name.


Happy Dance for Floral Symphony

by Orkaloca June 14 art * Art Quilt * quilter life * show

Since when I started to make patchwork, quilts and shows, my great ambition has been to have a quilt accepted in Houston show, in the contest or in one of the special exhibits.

I made it :)))

There's an annual special exhibit named "in full bloom". Since it's in memory of a flower lover, the quilts has to be with flowers.
I tried last year to submit a quilt but it wasn't accepted.

But this year I have been selected and my quilt  "Floral Symphony" will be one of the 32 chosen to be part of the exhibit.
Inauguration will be in october, then the exhibit will travel for une year.

And now here it is, a photo and a detail of my quilt :)
I made it last year for the Birmingham quilt show, and now it will go overseas... I have to makeit  a millemiglia card :p


Tutorial: Flat-Felled Seam

by Orkaloca June 12 tutorial * tutorial

This tutorial is more about couture (tailoring) than patchwork, but the couture basics techniques are always useful, so thake this! :)

I've decided to make this tutorial because my grandma bought a big piece of upholstery fabric to make curtains, but then she changeg her mind and asked me to use it to make a simple bedcover.
So I had to cut the fabric in two halves and sew them on the lenghts. But a problem arises: the joint is in the middle and is I'd only finish the seam edges with my serger, they would be visible.

That's why I decided to join the two pieces with a felled seam, that is (copied by wikipedia) "a seam made by placing one edge inside a folded edge of fabric, then stitching the fold down. It includes a topstitched finish. It is useful for keeping seam allowances flat and covering raw edges"

Here's how I did it:

STEP 1: sew the two halves, right side tighether, leaving a large seam allowance.


STEP 2: Cut only ONE of the seam allowances. It has to be slightly less than half the lenght of the other alllowance.


STEP 3: Open the fabric layers, fold the long seam allowance around the short one, flatten the fold on the fabric and seam along the fold.
The photo is more explicative :)

To flatten the seam even more I've added a topstitch near the first stitch line.

This technique results in a flat seam, finished on both sides, and really strong. Since the seam is slightly decorative, it can also be made with the folding on the right side of the work. In this case the first seam has to be made with fabrics wrong side toghether.


Big big soddisfazione

by orkaloca June 9

Da che ho iniziato a fare patxhwork, quilt e concorsi, la mia ambizione era avere un quilt accettato nello show di Houston (che è uno dei più rinomati), nel concorso o in una esposizione speciale.

Ce l'ho fatta :)))

C'è questa esibizione speciale dal titolo "in full bloom" che si ripete ogni anno. Dato che è in memoria di una tipa che amava i fiori i quilt devono essere floreali.
Avevo gia provato lo scorso anno a mandare un quilt ma non era stato accettato.

Quest'anno invece mi han selezionata e il mio quilt "Floral Symphony" sarà uno dei 32 scelti per l'esposizione. L'inaugurazione sarà a ottobre a Houston, e poi i lavori gireranno in altre location, per tornare a casa dopo un anno.

Ed eccovi foto intera e dettaglio del mio quilt :) L'ho fatto lo scorso anno per Birmingham e ora va oltreoceano... dovrò fargli la tessera millemiglia! XD


Nala ed il CAE

by orkaloca June 8

Oggi sono una "mamma" orgoglionissima... Nala ha sostenuto il test CAE, un test che certifica l'affidabilità e l'equilibrio caratteriale del cane nelle situazioni da tutti i giorni.

Essenzialmente lei deve stare a qualche metro da me e star buona mentre intorno le succedono cose.

E' stata bravissima, ecco il video :)


Il gatto innamorato

by orkaloca May 30

Il gatto in questione è Marcellino, il peso massimo di mammà, e l'oggetto del suo ammmore, beh lei la conoscete gia.