go, sew, win

by orkaloca luglio 11 show * creazioni

In June I worked on a quilt for the competition of Rossano, the theme was "Tell me your dream." At the end of June I sent the photos and my entry form, and my work was accepted to the show.
The show was held this week, and the prize  rank is now public, so now I can tell you all:)

The work I submitted for the show is called ORKA VORTEX, and won the second prize in the category Contemporary!

My dreams are always populated by killer whales, the others are usually nightmares.
Orcas are part of me, and in dreams we express our essence so my quilt is literally the essence of me.

There are blue and purple, exactly nine shades of blue, from dark to light, and 9 shades of purple, from dark to light, for a total of 18 hand-dyed fabrics!
And blue and purple are my favorite colors. And they whirl, as in the best dreams, thanks to the Spiral Bargello technique.
Of course there are killer whales, hand painted with 3D dorsal fins. Jumping, playing and running orcas.

Then there is the quilting motif... peacock feathers that represent my character (angry, beautiful, proud...), and flowers because I'am also a romantic girl :p Stipples and feather complete te piece.


(photo of the back - WIP)

This quilt has left me terribly happy and satisfied, but you can imagine how happy I was when I discovered I won a prize!

A few days ago I received a phone call ... was the Rossano organizator, and she asked me to go for the award cerimony, but I had a lot of work to do, and between my home and Rossano there is "only" the whole Italy.
But I will see my quilt shown in other shows... in fact it will be displayed in Tolmezzo, in September, and then in Cervia at the national quilting weekend in November.
And guess what, I am now registered for the Cervia week-end ahah.

I'm sooooo happy!


Cogito ergo quilto

by orkaloca giugno 26 show * lavori in corso

Ad ottobre durante la fiera Creattiva di Bergamo si terrà lo show/concorso di quilt dal titolo "siete pronte a peccare?".
Nemmeno a dirlo, io mi sono iscritta e tento la partecipazione, anche perchè questo concorso mi piace tanto, sia per il tema "i 7 peccati" che per le sfide che pone.
La cosa pare facile, sceglie un peccato e lo si rappresenta con un quilt.
La sfida sta nel fatto che ad ogni peccato sono assegnati dei colori specifici che van usati, e che il quilt deve essere un banner di 15x150cm. Non la forma più facile del mondo eheh.

Io non ho scelto il peccato, ma ho chiesto che me ne venisse assegnato uno "d'ufficio" e così oggi mi è arrivata la busta con l'assegnazione e le stoffe da includere nel lavoro. Il mio peccato è la superbia e i miei colori sono... rullo di tamburi... viola e blu.
Sono colori che adoro e anche il peccato mi sta simpatico, così un'idea m'è gia saltata addosso.

E non m'ha fatta dormire, inutile dirlo. Stanotte i miei sogni son stati tutti un turbinio di pezzi di stoffa e accostamenti di toni di colore.
Quindi il pomeriggio di oggi è tutto dedicato ad una sola cosa: fare il disegno preliminare.

E gia non vedo l'ora di averlo finito :)



by orkaloca giugno 14 show * lavori in corso

(image from google, if you're the autor please contact me for credits)

After learning of my admission to Rossano I packed the quilt for shipping and I leave it at the Post Office. From the moment the package has left my hands, my heart began to falter.
In my mind thousand of doubts ... will it arrive? will still be sane? will be ok? did I forgot to put something in the package? any document?

Yes, I'm a little bit paranoid :p

After checking tracking the package several times, finally received the mail that confirmied the receipt.
I don't have to tell you how much reliefed I'm knowing that my "baby" is in good hands:)

Now I have to await the show, which is going to run from 5 to 11 July in Rossano (CS). I would have liked to go, but flights are too expensive, trip is soooo loooong to drive and train ... Well instead take train I'd prefer to go by feet! If I'll receive "the call", if i'll win something, I'll tink again about this journey.

Now I'm working on a new project (really pretentious) for the competition "le vie della seta portano a verona" and I'm also waiting for the fabric kit for the competition "siete pronte a peccare?"

You can't stop me AHAHAH


happy dance

by orkaloca giugno 5 show

Last month I've sent the photos to be selected for the quilt show of Rossano.
The deadline was on 30, and obviously I sent photos on 28 night. :p
And then I checked the mail thousands of times hoping for a response.

Well, you know that a good day starts in the morning... this morning I wake up at 7:30 and as first thing I checked the mail
And here it is... there was THAT email with the list of selected works.
And... I'm in the list!!!