Published Vest

by orkaloca marzo 28 creazioni * publication

I'm happy to tell you that... I'm published! (again ^_^)

This time on an Italian magazine titled "Patchwork Magazine", This is the cover of the April/May 2011 issue.

On page 45 you can find my article, it is a step-by-step project to sew the patchwork vest you see in the photo.
In the photo the vest is made with dupioni silk, but you can make it in cotton or what you want.
Moreover the vest has a martingale on the back, so the waist-line width is adjustable ^_^

Here is the original pic :) I'm so proud, it seems almost professional :) I've also had a beautiful model, as you can see.

In the magazine there are step-by-step instructions and the pattern.

Sadly not all newsstands (boolstalls) sells this magazine, I've found only 2 in my area that sells it, but if you don't find it don't give up, go to the next newsstand ^_^