Birmingham 2014: another big satisfaction

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Here I am, back from Birmingham, where from August 7th to 10th I took part in the Festival of Quilts.
I was there as Italian International Representative (IR), to take part in the annual meeting of the European IRs and because ... well because there was one of my quilts in the contest ^ _ ^

This year the contest was packed, more than 1,000 quilts, divided into various categories.

And here is my "baby" with a really original title (yes of course :p) : OrkaLoca
I always play on the pun about orcas and the spanish word "loca" which means crazy.

While last yearall the badges with the awards were already been exposed at the opening of the exhibition, this year they made me sweat.
In fact there were no tags on quilts, only the winners had been moved and covered with black clothes. All this because at noon they have done a nice awards ceremony, followed by the unveiling ceremony of the winners.
Only later, at about 3pm, they put the tags on the quilts.
And I was hoping, finger crossed, to see a tag on my quilt. I put so much effort and good vibes in this piece that I hoped so much.

And at the end, after all the waiting, it was finally there, appeared out of nowhere, my blue tag with the words "Highly Commended". This is a recognition given to that quilt that has not been on the podium just by a whisker.

To say that I'm happy is an understatement :)


The Quilt Pattern Magazine - Blog Tour e GiveAway

by orkaloca dicembre 15 news

Dear friends I've got an exciting news for you! Starting from January there will be a new quilting magazine, called "The quilt pattern magazine" (Isn't this enough to be courious?) and its peculiarity is that will be an online-only magazine.
The magazine will be published in an easy-to-use (and store) PDF format, you will be able to download it, print only the pages you like, and also the trees says "thank you" :)
Never wait again for your magazine in the snail mail, you will have istant access at every new number :)

And in every number you will find lot of interesting contents, tutorials and at least 5 new patterns !!!

But how much this will cost to you? Very very litlle, believe me, one year of subscription (that are 12 issues) will cost you only 11.99$, less than 1$ for issue! really!

Do you need another reason why it's worth to subscribe? Well because in the February issue there will be an article written by me! :) An applique tutorial with step by step photos and a project for you.

And now the GiveAway... YOU can win an 1 year subscription to "the quilt pattern magazine"
It's simple:
1) visit the magazine site here:
2) come back here and leave me a comment about what did you like and what you wish to read in the magazine in future
3) remember to leave me your email contact or I will not be able to contact you if you are the winner (If the winner hasn't left the email I'll draw another winner)
4) Come back in January to see if you are a winner

Do you want to have more chance to win? Well visit the other blogs of the BlogTour, you can find the list here:  QUI.