Borsa con ritratto di cane

by Orkaloca luglio 27 creazioni * custom made

Quando è arrivata Nala mi son affidata ai consigli di una esperta per crescerla ed educarla e i risultati sono stati ottimi.
Per ringraziare questa persona ho confezionato una borsa trapuntata decorata con un applique pittorico che ritrae il suo cane con una simpatica bandana rossa.
Ho ricavato il modello per l'applique da una foto, cercato le stoffe nei giusti toni per creare le varie zone di luce e ombra e dato sfumature e dettagli col filo.

Eseguo le borse personalizzate su ordinazione, contattatemi per averne una.


christmas doorhanging

by Orkaloca dicembre 10 creazioni

Well, if anyone will ever asks me how long it took me to do this doorhanging, I will reply "well I don't know, four years"

Because I started it back in 2009, then it was put in the UFOs pile. In the next 3 years, during Christmas, I pulled it out and put some points on it, but never finished it.
This year I said to myself "That's enough! Now you finish it!" Better late than never, right? : p

And so finally here it is the Christmas doorhanging

With phosphorescent star on the hat and buttons to make the Holly berries


Red and cream table runner

by Orkaloca luglio 9 creazioni * traditional

Few week ago I was commissioned to make a table runner that will be placed in a living room that's mainly red and brown.
I was left free to chose the style but I knew that the customer likes traditional and "country" style, so I decided to make a classic gradation runner.

I've decided for a colour progression from white to red via yellow :)
The construction went fast, but deciding how to quilt it was another story. I didn't want to rely on the usual stipples, but decide which quilting design sew took a while.

Being the fabric placement very geometric, I decided that the quilting had to be curvy, to balance the straight lines. So I made feathers.

The feathers on the center and on the border are made in freemotion, improvising. The feathered circle in the center of the table runner and the feathered motives on the corners are made in freemotion following a path copied on the fabric as I showed in my previous tutorial post.

And so here it is, the completed table runner.


Work in progress

by Orkaloca maggio 22 creazioni * WIP

Today I'm playing on the edge between quilting and thread painting

I'm working on two mini quilts that are giving me some interesting problems to solve, that I've never had with bigger works.
Minimal dimension made me compress all the design so every piece is very small and difficult to cut and work with. And also the quilting is giving some problems.

This quilt is almost monochromatic in blue so to give some light spots I'm making a dense threadwork in pink. It's more than quilting buy not thread-painting yet. Half way.

Today I have to go on, after having spent 2 days to rip the quilting in two small areas that took 5 minutes to be sewn and 2 days to get rid of the thread. -_-

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Fusing Plastic

by Orkaloca aprile 13 creazioni

Nowadays plastic is everywhere and when a material is largely and easily available is just matter of time that it will be used for crafty and artistic purposes.
Plastic can be found in sheets or rolls, appositely made for crafters, but if we look around us we can find a lot of plastic items suitable for artistic purposes.

Plastic can be:
- Cut with common scissors or a cutter
- Painted and printed with alcohol inks
- Sewn
But overall plastic can be heat treated to be molded, fused, bonded and to create beds and embellishments.
And since every kind of plastic fuse in its own way, with its own texture, an artist can mix different plastic types to make interesting layered, highly textured works.

Since I've never thought about using plastic before, I've decided to give it a try to make another sample for the module I was working on of the Quilt Judging Course.

And this is the finished small sample.

To make this small sample I’ve had to try how different kinds of plastic behave when heated with the iron and the heat gun.
I’ve found that different plastics reacts in a different way (some shrink more, other melts in a second) and that the same plastic behave differently if heated with the iron or the heat gun.
So I’ve tested black garbage bags, white and violet grocery bags and dog poop bags.

I've found that:
Garbage bags: this plastic shrink as soon as the iron touch it but when heated with the heat gun it makes very interesting ripples. If heated more it melts then it harden and becomes more thick and makes holes.
Grocery bags: this plastic shrink slower and less than the garbage bag and doesn’t melt.
Poop bags: they are made of a thin plastic that shrink and melts in a second if heated with the iron but if heated with the heat gun reacts very well with a controllable shrinkage.

I've also tried to make some plastic beads and I've added them to my sample.

After this experience I can say that ... I love to melt plastic and polyester fabrics! It's fun and aalso if you never know what you will end up with, it gives a sense of control on the process... then plastic does what it wants haha!


Pannellino in cuoio e metallo

by Orkaloca aprile 11 creazioni

Questo è un campioncino che ho fatto per il Quilt Judging Course Che sto frequentando. Poichè mi era richiesto di studiare e metter mano su un materiale per me nuovo, ho scelto il cuoio, complice il fatto che avevo lì un po' di ritagli in attesa di destinazione.

Come prima cosa ho tagliato lo strato giallo e l'ho inciso per creare i dettagli 3D, quindi ho aggiunto il cuoio rosso che attraversa lo strato giallo formando due nastri sul fronte ed infine ho aggiunto dietro tutto lo strato blu.
Ho cucito gli strati tra loro con una normale macchina per cucire con ago standard (90).

Ho aggiunto qualche cucitura decorativa per evidenziare i detagli e ho colorato di rosso il retro del cuoio giallo ove visibile. Per colorare il cuoio ho usato i pennarelli Pantone (a base d'alcool)

Infine per aggiungere qualche punto d'interesse ho goffrato un lamierino di rame e ne ho tagliati 3 quadrati che ho attaccato al cuoio con la colla a caldo.



by Orkaloca marzo 20 creazioni * tutorial

L'altroieri neve... ieri sole e caldo... oggi pioggia e freddo...
Arriverà la primavera?

Io intanto la chiamo con questa coroncina fuoriporta.

Se la volete fare anche voi i passi sono semplici:

1- prendere una base di polistirolo per corona e rivestirla di stoffa verde
2- prendere del feltro in colori vari e ritagliare fiori e foglie. Se come me avete una BigShot e fustelle adeguate potete facilitarvi il lavoro, altrimenti dovrete armarvi di forbici e pazienza
3- con la santa colla a caldo incollate prima le foglie e poi tra di loro i fiori, sovrapponendo fiori grandi e piccoli, creando un insieme movimentato ma armonioso.
4- se avete delle mezze sferette di plastica o delle perline potete usarle come centro dei fiori. Se avete coccinelle di legno usate anche quelle.
5- prendete un pezzo di nastro verde, piegatelo in due e incollatelo sul retro della corona in modo che formi un anello (che servirà come appendino
6- tagliate dal feltro un rametto e un uccellino e incollateli sulle code del nastro.
7- rifinite il margine del nastro con un taglio diagonale o a V

Appendere e fotografare :)



by Orkaloca settembre 18 art * creazioni * Art Quilt

I decided to give triptych a try
I went in a craft shop to buy some frames for my quilts, and I found these small, 5inches side, frames. I immediately thought that one was insignificant, but what about a group? So I took three black and three red frames and I decided to make two triptychs.

I have developed a design that would give the idea of ​​flowing between the three frames, but that would be complete and balanced in every single frame.
Then I made the two triptychs, the same design different color choice.
The quilts are composed of hundreds of strips of fabric on a fusible web base, then I added batting and backing and I quilted and mounted them in frames.

Here is the first triptych: Blue Wave


And the second one: Red Wave

Like almost all my quilts these triptychs are avalaible for sell... xmas is coming ^_*
Contact me if interested ^_^ 


Journal: making of

by Orkaloca settembre 1 creazioni

Beside sketchbook the Quilt Judging Course requires me to keep also a journal about my everyday inspirations, reflections, thoughts and so on.
I'm not used to keep a journal, I've made my last one when I was 20, now I've to go back in the mood for journaling. As I did with the sketchbook I've tought that first of all the journal must be nice so I'll be happy to write in it. So I've made it :)

I had this white book, intended for decoupage, and I've decided to cover it with fabric.
Here you can see the white book with a strip of fusible web on the spine. I'll use it to attach the fabric cover.

I chose a green batik for the background and orange and red, with good value contrast, for applique.

But once I've cut the applique shapes I've seen that the contrast wasn't enough so I added a purple fabric to enhance the applique edges and increase shape definition and colour contrast.

I fused and sewed the applique with decorative stitches and shining rayon threads

Next step has been quilting. I've outlined the batik motif, I've used stipples between motives and stuffed the motif lines like you do in boutis, to enhance them.

Then I've used beads and sesquins to decorate it and give motion and a sparking look.

To visually unify the appliques and give the idea of charms dangling from the bigger star I've used a furry thread, handsewed with beads.
So here's the finished cover.

Thanks to the fusible web I've attached the fabric to the cover of the white book, using also a piece of fapric inside the cover to give all a neat and finished look.

And so after two days of work, here's my Journal :)

Now I only need to take courage and start write in it!



by Orkaloca settembre 1 art * creazioni * Art Quilt

Last friday was the release day for the monthly Fast Friday Fabric Challenge and the theme was to explore the design principle of Repetition and play with creative descriptors of group of objects (like a pod of whales, a deck of cards etc)

First I thought to make a quilt about killer whales (predictable but I LOVE them) but after I read the challenge I found by chance, in my grandma home, this old chalk drawing made by my mom when she was a girl:

It has a meaning to me, and since the design seemed to fit with the challenge I've decided to convert it in a quilt.

I've copied the design on fusible web, cutted the pieces and fused on them fabrics, big pieces for the cats, confetti pieces for the yellow/blue part of the bullseye.

I've named it "catseye" because you can't name a group of cats ... every single cat is sure to be the center of the world :)

I've used commercial cotton, the threads are poly and rayon..
It's 15x9 inches and it isn't bounded because I think I'll frame it :)

The only doubt I have is about the blue/yellow part of the catseye... I wonder if it could benefit by a dark satin-stitch to enhance the blue/yellow edge. But I'm afraid that this could visually darken the right half of the work lowering the value contrast with the purple cat.

On the FastFriday blog I've had several good feedbacks and they think I should leave it as it is, what would you suggest?
Thank you!