I'm Silvia Dell'Aere, prizewinning textile artist, teacher and certified judge

    Since when I started to quilt I draw inspiration from nature and sea to design my quilts, that have been exhibited nationally and internationally, earning several awards.
    I have been published in Italian and American magazines and I’m available for workshops and lectures.
    I’ve successfully completed the Quilters’ Guild Judging Course, becoming a Certified Quilt Judge.
    I’ve been chosen as international representative of QuiltItalia for 2013 and 2014 and since October 2015 I'm in charge as Chair of Quilt Judging Committee of Quilters' Guild of The British Isles


    October 2015
    I take the role of Chair of Quilt Judging Committee of Quilters' Guild of The British Isles

    August 2014
    Festival of Quilts 2014: My quilt "Orkaloca" is Highly Commended


    October 2013
    After 2 years of study I received my certification as Quilt Judge ^_^


    August 2013
    Both the quilts I entered at the Festival of Quilts have earned a prize.
    "The great judge" has been Highly commended
    "Hunting Song" has won 3rd prize in miniature category


    August 2013
    I've been chosen as International Representative of QuiltItalia, the National Patchwork and Quilting Association

  • Growing up in a family who put lot of importance on culture and arts, and being a sea lover, I earned a Marine Biology degree and a master's before fully putting my hands in the art world, and this is why recognizable marine elements and natural environments are often imagery in my quilts, besides emotionally strong subjects.

    After learning traditional quilting I explored hand-dyeing, painting on fabrics and the art of marbling discovering the great possibilities of these techniques in making award winning quilts, which have shown in national and international shows, and been published in national magazines (Magic Patch, Quiltitalia newsletter).

    I regularly teach quilting/patchwork classes, I write for patchwork magazines and, after 2 years of enrollment in the "Quilt Judging Course" organized by the Quilters' Guild of British Islands, I've been certified as Quilt Judge in 2013.

  • ART QUILT: Artistic quilts made with a great variety of materials and techniques. From the tradition to the contemporaneity.

    TRADITIONAL QUILTS: Bed quilts and decorative wall hangings, made in cotton with traditional techniques like piecing and applique.

    WEARABLE: Dresses and bags made with several matherials and the techniques of patchwork and quilting. In this category you'll find simple creations and real wearable art.
  • NOTE: courses are actually suspended. 

    Jurying / Judging service is always available

    write me at info@orkaloca.com

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  • Email: info@orkaloca.com